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Nova Scotia Residential Agencies Association (NSRAA)

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The NSRAA is a coalition of non-profit residential agencies serving persons with disabilities.

The NSRAA strengthens the ability of member agencies to pursue excellence in community-based service.

In pursuit of our mission, the NSRAA will uphold its fundamental values:


The NSRAA will maintain integrity, honesty, trustworthiness and transparency in all its actions and decisions.

Person centred

The NSRAA values a person-centred approach to service delivery.


The NSRAA values relationships based on respect, acceptance and compassion.
The NSRAA will pursue diversity and respect differences.
The NSRAA will uphold the confidentiality of its members.


The NSRAA values equality and believes all member agencies have an equal and democratic voice in the function of the Association.
NSRAA values a community based approach to service delivery.

Support for members

Lifelong learning, cooperation, loyalty, fun/humour.


NSRAA recognizes the professionalism of its member agencies.
The NSRAA believes in the pursuit and delivery of best practices.

NSRAA Vision

Everyone belongs in the community, enjoying laughter, love, happiness and friendship.


DIRECTIONS NS Council for Vocational Services Society is a not for profit organization representing twenty-nine member agencies throughout Nova Scotia. The Council's mandate is to assist and support member organizations in the delivery of services that promote the abilities and inclusion of persons with disabilities in the every day activities of their community. DIRECTIONS member agencies employ over 300 staff that provide a spectrum of services for 1800 participants within the province. DIRECTIONS provides valuable services for its members including educational opportunities, provincial staff pension, networking, advocacy, leadership and a variety of vocational resources.

Each DIRECTIONS member agency is an integral part of the community it serves; providing training and employment opportunities for participants. Vocational agencies offer a wide variety of services ranging from prevocational programs to community employment placements. Clients develop meaningful relationships and expand upon skills that increase self-reliance and independence. Agencies offer comprehensive skills assessment, case planning and other program options. 


DIRECTIONS believes in supporting citizens with disabilities, through support of its member agencies. Further, DIRECTIONS will adhere strongly to our values in pursuit of our Mission. 



Stewardship and Accountability

  • DIRECTIONS will maintain integrity, honesty and accountability in all situations.
  • DIRECTIONS is a responsible organization and is accountable to its members and all stakeholders for its actions and decisions.
  • DIRECTIONS will always strive to make best possible use of all of its resources. 


Respect and Integrity

  • DIRECTIONS values relationships based on mutual trust and respect, and compassion.
  • DIRECTIONS will pursue integrity in all its relations.
  • DIRECTIONS will treat members in a dignified, respectful manner and promote mutual respect among member agencies.
  • DIRECTIONS respects the generosity of its member agencies, sharing resources and information for the benefit of all. 



  • All member agencies have an equal and democratic voice in the function of the council. 


Open Communication 

  • DIRECTIONS values open communication among members, and the sharing of information.


Learning Environment 

  • DIRECTIONS supports an active learning environment in all its activities, addressing professionalism, current issues and a strengthening of its member agencies. 


Leadership and Best Practice

  • DIRECTIONS is responsible for knowing the issues relevant to member agencies and will provide effective leadership on behalf of its members in promoting best practices, professionalism, quality of service and partnering in the community.



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